About us

Founded in 2003 to compete and excel in its field, TransOrient-Rayyes rose to success in the humble Gaza Strip and West Bank. Through the leadership of General Manager Mr. Hamam Elrayyes, TransOrient-Rayyes is a Leading market innovator and supplier of Biotechnology solutions, Advanced Medical diagnostics, and Research materials.

We are proud to be partnering with renowned companies across the globe; providing highly competitive products to a market that is hungry for advancement.

While operating in a restricted economy, we pride ourselves with our efficient Supply Chain Network. Land, Air, or Sea; Different products need different methods of transportation. Our Supply Chain priorities are 1) Reducing the Landed cost – (Lowest cost) thus easing the burden on our customers and enhancing our competitiveness 2) Time in transit – Taking special care of special items

Our decade-long relationships with primary Medical and health institutions around Palestine like the MOH, UNICEF, NGOs, enabled us to advance the Palestinian Medical market through introduction of transformative technologies and practices. (See our accomplishments here.)

Our diverse customer base demands us to be the best at what we do. Our cherished decade-long partnerships with companies like Lifetech IBL MPBio Applied Bio (See the list of our partners here.) empower our contribution to the Palestinian Medical sector.

TransOrient-Rayyes has a technical foundation built by the best people in Palestine.


At TransOrient-Rayyes, we are proud to be part of a collaborative community who’s activities save and enhance human lives in Palestine. We understand the responsibilities of being part of the Medical sector and adhere to strict Ethical and Quality control standards.

We represent companies in the fields of:

1) Hormonal Analysis

2) Blood Banks

3) Molecular Biology

4) Biochemistry

5) Immunology

6) Genetic Diagnostics

TransOrient-Rayyes engages the community of Doctors and Students though Meetings and Lectures designed to inform them on the latest updates in the medical field.